"pirates of the caribbean 5 sets a 2017 release date!"


[rolls eyes]

[marks calendar] 


look whos still single in 2014


*discovers a giant floating orb in the woods*


*snapchats it*

felchingqueen said:
my crush is a rad gal and the first part of her last name rhymes with yiff and i always think about. she's also obsessed with captain america and bands and lee pace and butts  

can you hear the wedding bells because i can

Anonymous said:
A new world of peace, A new world of light, A new world of height, Can alone give me Satisfaction-delight.  

this one makes me feel rlly happy

Anonymous said:
My crush can be a jerk sometimes but he's really sweet to me?????  

maybe talk to him if hes being jerkish to ur pals? but its good that hes sweet to you!!!! yOU DESERVE PEOPLE BEIN SWEET TO U

Anonymous said:
my niece's birthday was yesterday and we had a bouncy castle, my leg got crushed by my brother so now i've been walking with a limp today bc my knee ended up getting twisted :)  

imagine me kissing ur knee better

Neal Caffrey + Glasses